Seabed Harvesting Inc., a Washington State corporation has been operating as a wholesaler and harvester of seafood in the Puget Sound for the previous 20 years. Doug McRae is the Founder and President of Seabed Harvesting.
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Seabed Harvesting is also currently involved in the distribution of not only the geoduck clam but also the sea urchin, manila clam, dungeness crab, sea cucumber, oyster and salmon.
Although geoducks are found throughout the cold, surging padi advanced open water of Alaska, spreading into the tropical waters of Baja California, the most extensive populations are found in Puget Sound and British Columbia. Geoducks live up to their designation as the world's largest digging clams, burrowing two and a half to three feet below the sand.


Panopea generosa - Latin It's delicate appearance comes from a giant, fleshy siphon that dangles from its overstuffed four-to-six-inch-long shell. The average specimen weighs 11/2 to 2 pounds (lbs) with siphons reaching 5 to 15 inches length wise. Served raw or lightly poached, sauteed or grilled, its texture ranges from slightly chewy to melting tender providing a noticeable contrast to the soft tuna, elastic octopus and more strongly flavored mackerel.
The Geoduck is sold in 3 different grades:
The #1 Grade tends to display a creamy yellow color and the neck is generously long and tender.

The #2 Grade has a slightly darker appearance, more brown in color and the neck is somewhat shorter than the #1.
The #3 Grade is the darkest of all in color and displays an even shorter neck length.
Seabed's Laurie Ann is known as the most technologically advanced dive harvest vessel operating upon the waters of Canada, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.
Packaging & Shipping:
Seabed's products are shipped live to their destination and packaged according to the preference of its customers. Our Domestic packaging includes wet-lock boxes, clams standing upright or layered in bubble wrap and gel-iced. Our Export packaging includes styrofoam boxes, clams laying flat, individual geoducks rubberbanded together, wrapped in bubble wrap and gel-iced.
Our Objective
Seabed is equipped with a fine group of individuals who are committed to providing excellent customer service and who also look forward to serving you in anyway possible.

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